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Field Sales Force Optimisation

How to Crack Sales Planning & Create an Effective Field Sales Force

Field Sales Force Optimisation will improve both your sales planning and sales operations. For sales planning, it will help you identify the best sales strategies for your business, set achievable sales targets and lay out out the steps you’ll need to take to meet those targets. Effective sales operations will help your team achieve those targets in the most cost effective and efficient way.Field & Sales Team Optimisation

Tech4T use advanced sales analytics combined with our Territory Runner software for Field Sales Force Optimisation projects to help you optimise your field sales team and achieve your business objectives.

The steps below give a flavour of what we do to support you with effective sales planning and in sales operations.  All work will deliver substantial actionable insight having a direct impact in the field.

Field Sales Force Optimisation – 5 Steps to Effective Sales Planning and Sales Operations

1. Sales Landscape Analysis

A detailed analysis and visualisation of the current situation on the ground covering your market penetration, customer segmentation, sales team activities and performance, territories, travel distances. This exercise will show you what’s working in your sales operations and what would benefit from improvement.

2. Opportunity Forecasting

Granular analysis of customers and prospects to identify areas of growth potential, including refined segmentation. We would add suitable profile descriptions to each segment to guide effective marketing and sales approaches to different segments.

Calculation of workload required to achieve the potential sales – number & duration of  visits by segment, visit frequency by segment, sales channel by value (desk or field).

3. Sales Team Sizing

Development of hypothetical scenarios to test the feasibility and risk of achieving various combinations of marketing and sales activity based on existing and/or planned head count for better sales planning and improved sales operations.

4. Sales Territory Mapping

The structuring of sales teams and design of  territories to maximise sales potential, geographic coverage and sales productivity. Can also include the alignment of stockist, outlet or site locations within territories.

5. Sales Visit Scheduling & Journey Planning

To support your sales operations, we use a scientific approach for sales visit scheduling and planning. Sales planning is also helped by ensuring both good customer service and efficient travel for the team.

“Doing an area manager rebalance for over 850 sites throughout the UK and Ireland is quite a daunting task. Following a few telephone conversations with the team at Tech4T to discuss their methodology, I was convinced the team could work at speed and deliver the requirements on time and in full.

poundlandI am really pleased with the output which will have an immensely positive impact on our operational efficiency.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Tech4T when it comes to sales team and territory alignment. Thank you”

Chris McCandless. Director of Central Operations, Poundland.

Field Sales Force Optimisation

We have found all organisations have unique needs in this area. As such, we tailor each project and Territory Runner system to suit different data, varying circumstances and budgets.

So to explore how we can improve your sales function, call us on 01733 890790, Email Us or fill in our enquiry form.


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